Kim Palagyi

Hi! I'm a marketing and content strategist. From blogs to social media, I'll create content that drives new leads and sales.



Kim is one of the most talented and adaptable team members I’ve ever worked with. She’s the perfect blend of strategy and execution, and she doesn’t let anything stop her from getting the job done. Kim spearheaded both our content marketing and email marketing initiatives. She not only created the strategy, she also followed through on the execution, all while continually communicating with multiple teams across the organization to make sure we were seeing positive results.
— Liz Hanson, Project Coordinator at Fuzzy Math
I loved working with Kim because of her unique ability to rapidly toggle between analytical and creative work. She quickly developed a plan to generate immediate, actionable results.
— Alicia Diamond, Chief of Staff at Label Insight


  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Project Management Tools: AirTable, Jira, Slack

  • Email Tools: MailChimp, Pardot, Constant Contact

  • Wordpress, HTML, CSS, SurveyMonkey

  • Social Media Platforms and Publishing Tools

  • Google Analytics, SEO

  • Microsoft Office, Excel


My Process

I specialize in creating content and streamlining marketing operations. 


Create and Organize Your Content Roadmap

The first step in creating content that matters is to analyze and determine what your customers need. My client PrintNinja, a self-publisher, needed content that taught indie creators how to run a Kickstarter. I created a comprehensive ebook that walked new leads through the Kickstarter process step by step. Find where your target market is and organize a strategy around that goal, whether it's social media, email, or direct mail. Next, create a content calendar that helps you map our your content month to month. 

To Create Good Content, Mobilize A Team

Now comes the hard part, creating the content. Gather ideas from your customers and competitors that will solve your audience's needs. Research keywords to find the phrases and terms that your customers are searching, and include them in your content. Don't have any customers yet? Create content that tells your company's narrative, and remedies the problem that your product or service fulfills. To keep up with a full content schedule (at least one new piece for week), you'll need to manage a team of freelancers. Even if you want to do it yourself, outsourcing will help you scale your content efforts in the long run. This is where project management tools like Jira, Airtable, Slack, or even a basic Excel sheet can make or break your content pipeline.  

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Optimize Channels and Measure Results

Once you've created good content, you need to share it through email drips, newsletters, social media ads, wherever your target audience is. Likewise A/B testing and analyzing likes, clicks, and shares will continually allow you to improve your content and how you're sharing it. At PrintNinja, I was able to drive $300,000 in sales through educational email campaigns in just two months. Don't forget to incorporate key insights and winning strategies back into your overall effort.